Mapping Time


Time is suspended in tiny grains of sand
Playfully dispersing between my digits
Tactile to the intuitive touch
Drawing out an inspirational hunch
The wonder of it all
I feel quite small.
Tracking dreams and adventures yet to unfold
In gritty homespun tales ready to be told
Mapping memories of an unconscious past
Flowers and blooms into the present at last
An wholistic healing takes place
Embracing feelings, I now am ready to face.
In this sandpit I awaken, and stand upon a new threshold
I ride a wave from the ocean,
Surfing on a fresh experience so that I may remould
And grow older, to become young and wise.
Momentarily, I had forgotten I held that golden key to my soul’s kingdom
And with accepting sighs
I open all cellar doors and windows, discovering our universal wisdom.

All rights reserved on poem and image. Embedded photograph. Copyright dotted ravine 2017.